What Makes you Unique?

What Makes you Unique?

By: Dennis Sherrin

In many recent blogs, I have mentioned the importance I place on understanding your, and your team’s, Unique Abilities. Today, I want to share more about this important tool that has changed the way we work at hb&k.

I learned about Unique AbilityR through participating in a program called Strategic CoachR (Coach). This program is designed for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to enhance their lives and the lives of their families and fellow employees. Coach has provided me a wealth of tools and training and I recommend, highly, for those looking to enhance their team and life. I look forward to many more years of growth and development in this program.

Understanding Unique Abilities

  • Unique AbilityR helps you appreciate your talents by pinpointing those things you do best (or, seek to do best). When going through the steps, you reflect on skills you already possess that have the following criteria:
  • It comes natural to you
  • You love doing
  • Doing it never tires you
  • You continually seek to improve upon

Imagine a team that understands Unique AbilityR and how to rely upon one another to achieve results. The effectiveness of such teams far exceeds any group where lack of appreciation of talents leads to duplication of efforts, poor communication, less than acceptable results and great stress. And, no team is too small to utilize unique talents.

Expectation: My personal experience of understanding my Unique AbilityR came through using the books from Coach. Being a CPA, one may expect my best skills would lie in financial standards and tax law.

Reality: What I learned was my entire life, my Unique AbilityR centered around visionary thinking, creativity, empowering others, mentoring, leadership and creativity.

Personally: I remember as a teenager, being the guy identifying what team members could best contribute to a project, helping them appreciate the result of their efforts and encouraging them.

Professionally: In my professional career, I study clients to understand how they operate, how leaders function, how they pursue growth and how they identify areas of improvement. I do this to better serve my own consulting and accounting firm in the future.

Let Your Unique AbilityR Help You Grow

As I gain more experience, I continually learn lessons from interactions with businesses, family and fellow employees. The lessons, sometimes humbling, continue to be priceless for my growth. Now, having followed the guidance to understand my Unique AbilityR (that had been right in front of me) has provided a greater since of freedom with less stress in my leadership role with an entrepreneurial CPA firm.

Our team is learning about Unique AbilityR and how we can use the incredible collective talents we possess to deliver even better service, advice and consulting to clients.

To understand Unique AbilityR, I recommend reading the book Unique Ability 2.0 Discovery by Catherine Nomura, Julia Waller and Shannon Waller which can be purchased online.

hb&k’s forward-looking goal is to listen to clients helping them achieve the goals and objectives they think are most important. We want to understand your mission, purpose, goals and passions so we can partner to be a part of your solutions.