Success is Your Past, Present and Future

Success is Your Past, Present and Future

By: Dennis Sherrin

“Success is a journey not a destination” is a commonly known quote that reminds me to measure success in smaller doses. More frequently than one would expect, entrepreneurs and business owners chase “success” like it is the means to an end. But as the quote suggests, success is not an end-result.

Successes occur every day yet, you likely have a larger goal in mind, which may deflect from feeling like you are making progress. In order to appreciate your successes, you need to take time to focus on what you and your team are accomplishing.

Reminisce, Reflect and Project

One way to help you measure your smaller successes is to reminisce on the past (think about where you/your company was 3-5 years ago), reflect on your current progression, and project what you hope the future will look like.

  • Past – By reflecting on the previous, you are completing a self-review of actions taken.
  • Present – By appreciating the results of the reflection, you are holding yourself accountable to make decisions to learn and grow, today.
  • Future – Your future (and the future of your organization) is influenced by how self-accountability affects future actions you take in your life.

Self-Accountability is Key

Self-accountability is the driving influence of all success. Leaders can only influence their teams when they are committed and have the courage to accept responsibility for the actions necessary to achieve.

If you want your company to transform, your employees must be engaged in the process. No one changes because someone else tells them to do so – people change through understanding and engagement.

As leaders, we are being watched by our team at all times. The examples we provide are one of the top influences in the culture, personality and engagement of our organizations. Being accountable to your team is not a verbal exchange on the subject. Accountability is the daily actions we display. Leaders must challenge themselves through self-accountability (like using the questions below) to influence the story they display in their daily actions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Here are several questions I ask myself to remind me to keep focused:

  • Are you happy with the success you have? Regardless of what you think, you have success every day. Take the time to note your daily progress.
  • Are you satisfied with maintaining your current level of success? Asking this question daily allows you to expand your thinking. Use this as a tool for personal accountability.
  • Do you want to achieve greater success? Dreaming of future results inspires all of us. I suggest you should dare to dream and be excited about it.
  • Are you willing to take actions necessary to achieve more success? Commitment to action is the only way to achieve personal growth.
  • Are you prepared to take personal responsibility for the actions necessary to make progress on your goals? Until you are willing to accept responsibility for actions, learning and growth cannot occur.
  • Are you comfortable maintaining the status quo? If you are happy with the success you currently have, you will be left behind faster thank you think. Now is the time to transform yourself to appreciate the journey and go for the challenges that will arise in the future.

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