Playing Above the Line is an entertaining and thought-provoking podcast that takes a peek into the daily lives of community and business leaders. The hosts of Playing Above the Line are hb&k shareholders, Allen Cave and Dennis Sherrin. As CPAs, they’ve had the unique opportunity to meet many different leaders through their years of partnering with entrepreneurs.

By sharing these stories, we’re uncovering different views of the path to growth, leadership, and achieving success.


Donna Watts is the President of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce.  She has a long history in being involved in community boards.  Donna’s views on leadership focus on the importance of being selfless and listening so you are able to have a true dialogue.  She believes one of the most important pieces of reaching success with a team or project is getting the right training.  In this episode of Playing Above the Line, you will learn how Donna practices what she preaches in her leadership of the South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce and its current initiatives.  Check out their Facebook page here.

Vanessa Reyner is the co-founder of Full & Well, a weekly Christian newsletter subscription.  In this episode, she describes how an influential shift in her career path happened when she changed her mindset from “a job is something I DO” to “my job is something I do for OTHERS”.  She believes being purposeful in her career choices has lead her to greater success and fulfillment.  At the end of the episode, Vanessa mentions participating in a Tedx Talk at Spring Hill College – you can now watch that Tedx Talk by clicking here.

In this episode, the listener gets to know the podcast cohosts. Dennis Sherrin and Allen Cave are shareholders of an accounting and business consulting firm, Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore, P.C. Throughout their careers as CPAs and advisors, they’ve had the unique opportunity to meet, advise and learn from business leaders in a variety of industries. They wanted to share some of the amazing success stories with you.


Allen Cave
I’m a shareholder at hb&k. Working as a partner with business leaders to help them achieve their goals has been my favorite part of my career. I wanted to start this podcast to give these people a platform to share their stories.

Dennis Sherrin
I’m the managing shareholder of hb&k and have worked with business leaders through my entire career. There are so many how-to books on success and leadership out there, but I’ve always most enjoyed learning about these experiences from people and I am excited to get this chance to talk to so many entrepreneurs and leaders to hear their stories.

Deep Fried Studios
This is where we record & produce our show. Thanks to Johnny Gwin for creating this innovative space where we care share these stories.