Keeping Your Tax Records Safe with TaxCaddy

Keeping Your Tax Records Safe with TaxCaddy

We all know we have to file taxes each year, but do you know how long you need to keep records of your returns and your supporting documents?

Length of Time to Keep Tax Records

3 years: For all taxpayers, the IRS generally recommends keeping copies of your tax returns and the supporting documents for three years, at minimum.

4 years: Employment tax records should be kept at least four years after the date that the tax becomes due or paid, whichever is later.

7 years: Tax records should be kept at least seven years if a return claims a loss from worthless securities or a bad debt deduction.

3-7 years is a lengthy amount of time to have to find somewhere to securely store documents containing sensitive information. Your social security number, bank account information, and income amounts are private. It’s vital to save them somewhere secure with limited access.

Store Your Documents in TaxCaddy


We recommend using TaxCaddy for two important reasons. TaxCaddy is secure and it allows you to easily access your information anywhere and at any time you need them.

Security: If you visit TaxCaddy’s website, you will learn about the three layers of security to keep your information safe. Your documents are encrypted and saved in a digital system that has undergone the strictest security steps for safeguarding your information.

If you choose to retain paper copies, the IRS still recommends scanning and electronically storing your information in an encrypted format. TaxCaddy is free to hb&k clients and provides an encrypted and secure portal to keep your records safe. Why not give it a shot?

 Accessing Your Documents: If you sign up for TaxCaddy and use it as intended, you will provide all your supporting documents to us through your portal. That means you don’t have to store your paper copy of your W-2, 1099s or any other information. Once you put it in the portal, you’ll have a securely stored digital copy.

The same is true for your tax return. When hb&k is finished preparing it, we’ll put your returns in your TaxCaddy portal. If you need to give a copy to a bank, lawyer, or anyone else, you can print it from your portal.

Ready to Sign Up?

For more information on the convenience of TaxCaddy, check out this blog! Be sure to follow our social media #TaxCaddyTuesday campaign where we’re sharing  awesome benefits of signing up for TaxCaddy. Finally, if you’re ready to go paperless and have a safe place to easily access your documents, email us at and we’ll send you an invitation to sign up!