It’s Opportunity Season!

It’s Opportunity Season!

By: Derrick Cook

I’ve recently committed to a personal goal of getting back into shape. My competitive spirit drives me toward any sport, even if I’m not very good at it (I’m staring at you golf). But for over a year, I have been healing a hamstring injury which has led to gaining a few pounds. To achieve my goal, I’ve decided to go to the gym every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-7:30PM.

Now, you’re probably thinking, wait a second. It’s February! Do you know what that means for a CPA?

If you’re thinking of February-April in the traditional sense of the accounting industry, you’re probably imaging these next few months to be more like “survival season”. If you’re picturing endless tax forms, accountants frantically working long days and nights, rushing to beat deadlines, and remembering to sleep and eat from time to time, you’re living in the past!

It isn’t busy season, it’s opportunity season! For me and my fellow coworkers at hb&k, busy season has been transformed into something greater than what is typically expected within the accounting industry.

Opportunity season means this is a chance for offering more than a tax return to our clients. We’re here to offer advice to help our clients achieve success. Yes, we can prepare a return for you, but we also have expertise to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

From starting a business and developing a strategic vision, to helping existing businesses build better teams with a Kolbe Assessment and processes with Lean Six Sigma, to planning a successful exit or retirement, hb&k has the expertise, experience and enthusiasm to lead you to your goals.

hb&k is at the forefront of changing the way our industry works, both in services to clients and in internal initiatives to make life more balanced for employees.

2018 will be my 6th busy season with hb&k. In that time, the firm developed the Project 40™ (P40™) initiative to transform how we approach busy season. P40™’s goal is to create a better work-life balance. It started with decreasing overtime and has expanded into many different areas that help employees be more productive in the hours they are at work so they can enjoy their time not in the office.

I am taking advantage of this by sticking with my commitment to working out more, even through busy season. You can catch me at the local YMCA swimming laps in the pool, lifting weights, running laps, or participating in the variety of classes available (including Zumba)!

My job is a priority and so is my fitness. hb&k supports my progress in both. So while you’re collecting your tax documents for us to prepare your returns, take a mental note of the other ways we might be able to help you achieve success.