Delegation Empowers You and Your Team

Delegation Empowers You and Your Team

By: Dennis Sherrin

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a new project or an innovative solution to a problem, but never implemented it? As an entrepreneur and business owner, you likely have a unique ability to generate new ideas for projects, new processes, better client service, or even new products. But, how many times have you tried to tackle an entire project by yourself rather than sharing the workload?

There is a term called the “Rugged Individualist” which describes those who feel their deep involvement is the key to success. After all, you came up with this brand-new idea, so of course you want to be involved in the implementation and have a perfect rollout. Often, this expectation of perfection and need to be involved leads to paralysis of progress.

Relying on your team is the key to greater progress. When you understand the talents within your team and intentionally take action to develop those talents, projects will have greater and faster progress. Consider these points to help your organization grow by delegation:

The First Steps to Delegation

  • Focus on your Strengths – As the entrepreneur/business owners, you are the primary creative force, so stay in your area of unique ability rather than tackling the entire project.
  • Complete the First 80% ASAP – Get the concepts and drafts done as quickly as you can. You will be working within your unique abilities and you will create significant momentum.
  • Empower Teams to Take it From There – After you have completed the first 80%, delegate the idea to your team and allow their unique abilities to handle the details and finished products.

Key Advice to Keep in Mind

  • Accept that Perfection is NOT the Goal – Perfection is not a reality and if you decide the project cannot go forward unless conditions are “ideal” you will never take action.
  • Stop! Collaborate! And Support – Although you’ve stepped back, you need to be there to collaborate as the team needs you and certainly provide positive support.
  • Let It Go- For the organization to grow – remember, don’t be the “Rugged Individualist” and try to do it all, delegate and watch your team grow.
  • Size Does Not Matter – Your organization’s staff size does not matter. If you have just a few employees, bring in outside assistance from analysts, consultants, artists, writers, videographers, photographers and your CPA. Share your ideas and get them on board.

The Results

As you delegate and empower, you build trust in your team and the team’s confidence skyrockets. Delegating to grow pays dividends beyond today for your organization and staff. The commitment to talent development through empowering staff to utilize their unique abilities helps you, your staff and your organization grow to become more than it was today. And, those great ideas of yours that seem to be gathering dust somewhere will grow wings and fly.