Building Dynamic Teams

Building Dynamic Teams

By: Dennis Sherrin

The success of every business is driven by both the entrepreneur and the team of employees hired into the company. A successful business must have a great team of employees to produce the product or services, bring new ideas to the table, and the drive to be committed to success. As entrepreneurs, we must understand building a great team takes a conscious effort of forming the right organization to attract talent.

Here are a few points to consider when building a dynamic team for your business:

Develop and Share Your Plans

  • Establish a Vision and Mission: tell your story of who you are, why you do what you do and where you want to go
  • Develop a Business Strategy: create a one-page Strategic Plan as a roadmap for your annual goals and expectations then share it with your employees

Develop Programs

  • Design Training and Learning Programs: enhance the skills of existing staff. This does not have to be an intricate or time-consuming investment. At hb&k, we do monthly Lunch & Learns on a variety of topics alongside individual, departmental and firm-wide training. Every one of these is an opportunity for an employee to grow
  • Establish Leadership and Management Programs: leaders and managers are not necessarily one in the same. And, leaders are not always the person in charge. Leaders are influencers, innovators, creators and those who understand opportunity risks. Managers are the ones who establish processes and oversee projects. Leaders and managers are equally vital within a dynamic team
  • Develop a Recruiting Plan: once you understand what you do, where you are going and the existing talent within the company, design a plan to attract new talent

Learn About Your Team

  • Understand your team’s Collaborative Strengths: using a tool like the Kolbe A IndexR allows you to understand your existing team’s natural abilities and discover hiring needs to enhance your team
  • Define Unique Abilities: your team’s talents may be hidden in plain-sight. Take the time to understand the abilities employees possess and provide opportunities for them to utilize their Unique Abilities as much as possible. The company and employee will both benefit
  • Learn from Existing Employees: spend time talking and listening. Use the Management by Walking Around technique to understand your current staff in an informal but informational approach

Building a Dynamic Team is not just about hiring people, it is commitment to a journey of development for you and your business. It is about evaluating your business and always working to make it better.

When focused on improvement, your existing staff will become even more committed, you will become more attractive to potential new recruits, and your business will be more successful. At hb&k, we use these tools ourselves and to help businesses build dynamic teams. Call on us to consult with your business.