The Benefits of Great Unexpected Expectations in Customer Service

The Benefits of Great Unexpected Expectations in Customer Service

When you travel, whether for work or vacation, how many times have you had a truly GREAT taxi/car-riding experience? That may seem like an odd question coming from a shareholder of a CPA firm. However, my role in our professional practice is appreciating people and ensuring we provide excellent customer service.

My wife, Amy, and I travel often. Over time, we have built preconceived expectations with respect to certain customer service experiences. One experience that never impresses is taxi/car-riding. They are simply a means to getting to our designated location.

This expectation was unexpectedly overturned last weekend while we were visiting New Orleans (which happens to be one of our favorite cities). We had not one, not two, but THREE exceptional trips with three separate ride-sharing drivers who showed us great customer service.

Great customer service can be many things. These drivers showed me how to engage a new customer, and offer uniquely friendly service while delivering us safely to our destinations. Each driver shared a part of their daily life that showed a genuine interest in getting to know us even, though we were friends for just a few minutes. The trip ended with laughter, well wishes and appreciation. Needless to say, the drivers earned nice tips from us.

In our daily professional lives, each interaction is an opportunity to enrich others through engagement and service. The simple gesture of conversation and sharing creates appreciation. Some of us may have apprehension to initiate a conversation with someone we just met. However, I learned that such an opportunity is a wonderful learning experience more often than not.

Our New Orleans takeaway was never trust your predisposed beliefs and treat each interaction as a new learning experience. Every individual we met had unique abilities, were passionate about what they do and were sincere in giving great service. I feel thankful to these three drivers who reminded me to give unexpected expectations and gave me of this great lesson to share.


By: Dennis Sherrin