Financial Audit and Assurance


In today’s business environment, companies need independent and objective certified public accounting firms to perform services to ensure financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements under which they function.  hb&k’s assurance service team provides a level of service that is strictly dependent upon your business needs. This service group includes an audit – our highest level of assurance, a review with limited assurance, compilation, agreed-upon procedures and accounting services.

  • During an audit, a test of your financial records is performed and your financial statements are reviewed to determine each statement is fairly presented and in accordance with standards.
  • A review of financial statements can be performed by an accountant through analytical procedures to provide limited assurance to those statements that meet various standards.
  • Using client-prepared financial data, hb&k can prepare a financial statement and issue a compilation report.
  • The agreed-upon procedures service is tailored to meet the needs of your organization, offering only requested procedures and reports. Our services give credibility to specified areas of the organization’s financial or non-financial data.
  • We provide accounting services to organizations regarding the proper accounting treatment under generally-accepted accounting principles.